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About Hunters Coaches
Information about Hunters Executive Coaches and the history of the company
Safety & Security
Information about the safety and security that we provide to our passengers
Environmental Information
We care passionately about our environment, more information is here

Above all else, we make the safety and security of our passengers our top priority. We want to ensure that every journey with us is both safe and enjoyable.

In order to ensure that our passengers are safe and secure on every single journey that we transport passengers on we do ask that our passengers help us to ensure safety as it is partly a shared responsibility of both us and our passengers.

You can find information on safety in all our vehicles intended to help you know how you can help to ensure you and your fellow passenger's safety.

We maintain all our coaches and buses to the highest standards in our custom built garage to ensure safe, smooth and reliable operation of all our vehicles.

All non-service buses are fitted with individual passenger seatbelts.

CCTV Protection

Of course, we have now fitted CCTV to all our vehicles for passenger safety and the ability to review any footage should the need arise in order to protect our passengers as well as our vehicles.

This is of great importance to us in vehicles that are used for school trips and transportation for children where we strive for the very highest standards to maintain the safety and welfare of our younger passengers.



All our luxurious modern fleet of coaches are fitted with full three-point seatbelts for every seat on the coach.

This helps to ensure that our passengers and not only comfortable on their travels but also that they are kept safe at all times.

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